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Tile Roof Replacement and Repair Services Leicester | J Barson Roofers in Leicester

We can match and repair tiling and sections of existing roofs including lead flashings, lead valleys and individual tile sections. Sometimes the best route to take is re-roofing if the property is of a certain age and it is important to remember that a good roof is the main thing that protects all other parts of your property, so it needs to be right. Water ingress is sometimes hard to find as it often appears in a completely different place to where the signs of damp may be appearing!

If you have any doubts about your roof or already see signs of leaking, don't delay and call us for an inspection, as early intervention can prevent a bigger job and more damage to your roof and property. J Barson Roofing Services can carry out all essential work related to these problems to high standard of finish.

Get a quote: 07850 928088
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